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We intro you to solo startup founders and indie hackers looking for partners to build with ๐Ÿค

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Quality over quantity

Find a co-founder that is as talented as you are

Meet vetted co-founders

Access our community of hand-picked, highly-skilled co-founders, indie hackers and entrepreneurs.

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Vetted high quality co-founder community

Layered profiles

Make snap decisions with digestible profile summaries or dive deeper if they peek your interest.

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Decide on which co-founders to meet

Smart matching

Find a co-founder that complements your weaknesses

Weekly introductions

Making a habit of meeting somebody new each week is the key to finding your duo. That's why we streamlined the whole thing.

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Find a co-founder or indie hacker

Advanced filtering options

Filter co-founder matches by the things that matter most to you.

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Filter co-founder matches

Real conversations

๐Ÿšซ Not dead-end messaging

Meeting scheduler

Waste less time with dead-end messaging, schedule a meeting with ease from the get go.

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Waste less time with dead-end messaging, schedule a co-founder meeting with ease

Break the ice

Choose from our introduction message templates or write something custom.

Co-founder intro messages

Dashboard tracking

Keep track of who you met and when.

Add ratings and notes to compare and contrast founders.

Track co-founder matches

How it Works

1. Create your profile

Apply for membership by telling Tertle a little bit more about you and what you're looking for in a co-founder.

2. Weekly candidates

Once accepted, we'll match you with suitable co-founder candidates based on your selected preferences.

3. Connect & chat

Meet a new co-founder each week via 1 to 1 introductions from Tertle.



Why was Tertle started?

Finding the right co-founder is hard. Being a solopreneur is even harder. Both of these I know from first hand experience.

We think there's nothing currently out there that really hits the mark in helping founders and indie hackers easily connect โ€” and so, Tertle hatched.

What's next for Tertle?

I have a couple of things in the pipeline. A better question would be, what would you like to see?

You can chime in and keep up to date by following me on twitter.

Can I ask you some more questions?

You can contact us via email here. Ask us anything!